Today’s Startup: PinDone

Today’s internet startup PinDone is a new and innovative way of geting jobs, tasks and other things done. PinDone is a technology platform for crowdsourcing personal errands and household services on demand. It presents a win-win solution for busy individuals who look for on-demand help and for those who want flexible jobs.

For busy individuals

PinDone is a great way to get stuff done. It provides requesters real-time 24/7 access to a trusted network of local errand runners, who will complete their requests for whatever pay they are willing to offer. With PinDone everyone can crowdsource tasks from their daily to-do list anytime, anywhere they want. The service aims to be the best virtual butler for everyone. It goes beyond providing just another online directory of personal assistants and household services like Craigslist or Angie’s List. It gives users on-demand help from a trusted network of local runners anywhere they go as well as the ability to develop personalized, automated solutions to the difficult task of balancing their busy lives. PinDone provides users On-demand help from a trusted network of local errand runners anywhere they goPersonalized automated lifestyle solutions as we learn more about their needs and preferences.

Crowdsource anytime, anywhere

You can crowdsource personal errands and household tasks anytime, anywhere. By using this service you will not get stuck with an expensive personal assistant who only works from 9 to 5, and 5 days a week. Instead, you can find a runner to dash across town to pick up burgers from your favorite diner in the the middle of the night. Or you can ask a runner to bring you an iPhone charger.

Pay as you go, at your own price

You to set your own price for each task posted. There’s no subscription fee or retainer payment required for you to get help from runners. In fact, you can even get your stuff done as a guest. The more you use PinDone for your daily tasks, the faster it can help you automate your lifestyle. You can set automated requests for such tasks as picking up dry cleaning, buying groceries and more.

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